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Brunel builds strategic partnership with Egyptian counterpart


A new partnership agreement between Brunel University London and Egypt’s Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST) will look to build a base for scientific research and increase the potential for staff and student exchanges with the country.

The university is one of 10 UK institutions to sign the strategic agreements with counterparts in the Egyptian Higher Education sector – building on a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

Professor Zahir Irani was part of a delegation on 20 January, led by the British Council and Department of Business Innovation and Skills, that attended a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Egypt to the UK.

Professor Irani said: “Brunel has been working with the Arab Academy for several years, with existing research links in the Brunel Business School and Department of Arts and Humanities.

“The new agreement will provide a framework upon which relationships between the two institutions can be enhanced and new ones established.”

Other universities involved in the partnerships include: University College London (UCL) and New Giza University; King’s College London and the faculty of medicine at Cairo University; the University of Sussex and the faculty of economics and political science at Cairo University; Aston University and Cairo University; London South Bank University and Alexandria University; the University of Dundee and Alexandria University; and the AAST with Cardiff Metropolitan University, Staffordshire University and Aston University.