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Could Cara be the 2015 Dyson Award winner and make it three in a row for Brunel?

With design students from Brunel University London scooping the James Dyson Award two years running, this year’s soon-to-be-graduates are looking at their peers’ final-year projects and wondering if a third triumph is on the cards.

One of the leading contenders is industrial designer Cara O’Sullivan whose evolvable modular walking aids use standardised Meccano-style components.

Initially inspired by the needs of the developing world, the project has broadened since being shortlisted for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills £100,000 Inclusive Technology Prize.

One key element is that the design can use wood from broken or discarded pallets – a growing issue.

Other projects, which will be on show at the Made in Brunel exhibition, range from better diabetes management to a novel approach to giant outdoor video displays to a high end backpack for the shooting community.

Brunel Design Department Head, Dr Ian De Vere, said: “We tasted our first success in the Dysons in 2013 when Sam Etherington won with his wave powered generator. Then Solveiga Pakstaite made it two in a row with the Bump Mark, a bioreactive food label that brings total accuracy to best before dates.

“Looking at the nearly 100 projects from this year it’s not hard to imagine Brunel could win for an unprecedented third time.”

Design professionals, prospective students and those who think they can spot a design that will make Sir James sit up and take notice should head to the Bargehouse on the Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank between Thursday June 18 and Sunday June 21. For details and registration visit