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Current and future stars earn Brunel Sports Scholarships


Fifty talented Brunel students from across fourteen different sports were presented with 2011/12 Sports Scholarships at an evening event on Wednesday 26 October.

The evening gave new and returning Sports Scholars the chance to meet fellow athletes and those involved with the Scholarship programme, find out about the award benefits and learn how to fulfil their role as a Sports Scholarship student.

The Scholarship programme has been developed and improved for 2011/2012, to focus on a broader range of talented sportsmen and women at Brunel. The University now offers Scholarships in three tiers:

  • Podium Sports Scholarships, awarded to students participating at major international competitions at senior level;
  • Potential Sports Scholarships, awarded to students participating at junior international level competitions, or equivalent;
  • Sports Bursary Awards, awarded to students participating at national level/national ranking competitions.

Scholarship benefits include a cash award of £250 to £1,000 per academic year, athlete-friendly accommodation on campus next to the sports facilities, free use of Brunel’s world-class sports facilities and discounted fitness and injury rehabilitation, and access to the University’s Coaching Development Programme.

Sports Scholars for 2011/12

Podium Sports Scholarships

Tom Aggar, Adaptive Rowing
Jon Boyton, Canoeing
Ashley Bryant, Athletics
James Fox, Rowing
Reisha Hull, Karate
Mark Odejobi, Rugby Union/Sevens
Joshua Webley, Taekwondo

Potential Sports Scholarships

Matthew Bergin, Athletics
Junior Ejehu, Athletics
Nathan Fox, Athletics
Rebecca Halle, Hockey
Katy Holland, Netball
Jibreel Malik, Taekwondo
Jermaine Olassan, Athletics
Jack Pegram, Table Tennis
Emily Scott, Rugby Union
Tom Simons, Canoeing
Ben Tibble, Hockey
Dannish Walker-Khan, Athletics

Sports Bursary Awards

Kola Adedoyin, Athletics
Jordan Aromasodu, Athletics
Mikaela Austin, Netball
Joshua Barard, Athletics
Daniel Basterfield, Table Tennis
Harvey Byrne, Athletics
Nathan D’Cruz, Badminton
Alexander Foster, Trampoline
Krystal Galley, Athletics
Stephanie Gaynor, Athletics
Kai Hewitt, Football
Alex Ingarfield, Rugby League
George Isaac, Football
Samuel Knight, Rowing
Alice Lennox, Athletics
Bethany Liles, Football
James Mclean, Athletics
Greg Miller, Athletics
Eloise Newman, Athletics
Faith Okwusosa, Basketball
Alessandra Pace, Athletics
Michael Puplampu, Athletics
Samuel Randle, Rugby Union/Sevens
Thaddeus Rivet, Hockey
Matthew Robinson, Canoeing
Lois Roche, Football
Jo Rowland, Athletics
Louis Sayers, Basketball
Paul Scanlan, Athletics
Shakira Whight, Athletics
Andre Wright, Athletics

Sid Richardson Rugby Scholarships were also awarded to Sam Portland and Sam Randle, and re-awarded to Mark Odejobi. These Scholarships aim to reward talented rugby players coming to and representing Brunel University at Rugby Union.