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Dominic Grieve QC will ask whether a Bill of Rights has value

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

The former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC, MP for Beaconsfield, will be speaking at Brunel University London on Monday, February 29, for the 'Britain in Europe' think tank of the Brunel Law School. He will be asking whether there is any value in a Bill of Rights. 

Mr Grieve, who has been the Government's chief legal advisor from 2010 to 2014, has been a stark critic of the Government's controversial plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and to withdraw from, or minimise the effect of, the European Convention of Human Rights. Mr Grieve has recently warned that, in addition to doing damage at home, the Government’s plans risk to destroy human rights across Europe.

Mr Grieve’s talk comes at a time when there continues to exist significant confusion about the consultation on a potential British Bill of Rights. ‘Britain in Europe’ has recently expressed concern over the content of leaked draft plans that suggested that under the new British Bill of Rights system, judges would not have to follow rulings of the European Court of Human Rights 'slavishly' any longer.

Brunel's Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew George, said about the Britain in Europe event: "Universities have a vital role when it comes to the debate around human rights and the law, through our education, research and by providing a platform for public discussion. I am thefore delighted that Dominic Grieve will be delivering a keynote lecture at Brunel, and hope that it will inform and provoke an interesting debate."

The event will be held at in the Eastern Gateway Auditorium, 12.30-14.00. 

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