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First-ever dual purpose bicycle pedal-lock unveiled at Made In Brunel 2009

Among the 150 students exhibiting their innovative solutions designed to tackle modern day issues will be Jack Cheatle, BA Industrial Design and Technology, who has designed the world's first dual purpose bicycle pedal and lock as a solution to the rising number of bicycle thefts.

“The Government is working hard to encourage more people to cycle but one of the main barriers to cycling is fear of theft — not surprising, given that a bicycle is stolen every 72 seconds in England and Wales ,“ comments Jack. “The market for a two-tiered level of theft deterrence is therefore clear, especially when you consider that the majority of bicycle thefts occur when a cyclist leaves their bike unlocked for a just a short period of time.“

How the Pedalock Works
The Pedalock serves a dual purpose: bicycle pedal and bicycle lock. It allows a cyclist to detach his or her bicycle's pedals and use them to lock the bicycle in place. The pedals can then be unlocked, reattached as pedals and cycled away. Pedalock removes the need for cyclists to carry a separate lock with them. It provides a two-tiered level of defence because if a thief were to break the lock, there would be no pedals with which to ride the bike away. Pedalock fits any bicycle and can be used with all sizes and types of bicycle rack.

Paul Turnock, Director, Industrial Design and Product Design at Brunel University, said: “Jack's design is the culmination of an extensive programme of research into the target market group and criminal psychology surrounding the theft of bicycles. He looked in depth at the locking mechanisms already available, the industry standards and regulations in play, as well as the needs and habits of cyclists, and identified a real gap in the market. We wish him every success in finding a commercial partner to bring this product to market.“

Adam Thorpe, Director of the Bikeoff Institute for the design against bicycle crime, added: “I like the idea of multi-functionality and secondary security. I think Jack should take this idea further and I'd be interested to see how it would work in a folding bike.“

A prototype of Jack Cheatle's Pedalock can be viewed at Made in Brunel 2009, alongside 150 other projects including:

• FootLITE: an accelerator pedal attachment that uses tactile feedback as an aid to safe and economic driving. The device aims to optimise fuel efficiency by monitoring acceleration rates as well as numerous other inputs, without physically restricting or distracting the driver
• Muli: inclusive cutlery designed to improve and enrich the eating experience for people with reduced grip and dexterity, while maintaining a desirable and stylish aesthetic.

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About Made in Brunel
Made in Brunel represents some of the best graduating design and engineering talent and projects in the UK. In 2009, Made in Brunel will build on the successes of previous years, returning to the Business Design Centre in London on June 9-10.
The show has become the destination for consumers, producers and service providers who understand that good engineering and design is a vital function of our lives. It attracts people from across the industry spectrum, whether product or service focused, wanting to meet the young innovators creating our future.
Thinking Out Loud
The theme of Made in Brunel in 2009 is Thinking Out Loud.
In its essence, Thinking Out Loud is about:
• People: Learning more about the individuals behind the projects showcased through Made in Brunel.
• Fun: It is because we all enjoy what we do, that our results are so successful.
• Innovation: Our fresh, forward thinking approach to generating solutions to real life problems.
Thinking Out Loud also highlights our role in the future of design, engineering and multimedia. By sharing our thoughts on contemporary issues we firmly place ourselves at the forefront of the next generation of engineers and designers.
Thanks to the continuing help from our supporters we are able to achieve our ambitious goals.