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Funding award to improve maths teaching for six and seven year olds

The London Mayor's Schools Excellence Fund has awarded Brunel University £275,400 for a two year project called 'Maths Talk at Key Stage 1'.

The two year project will be led by Professor Valsa Koshy, in collaboration with Professor Viv Ellis and Dr Deborah Jones. Infant teachers will be offered high quality training to enhance their maths knowledge and use cutting edge teaching techniques focusing on language and interaction.

Overall, the team hope to improve results in maths and encourage more children to be interested in the subject throughout school.

Head of Education Professor Viv Ellis said: "We are exceptionally pleased as a team because the project will continue the long tradition of practice-developing research in Education at Brunel – so strongly associated with Professor Koshy – in combination with a theoretical perspective derived from the study of language in educational settings."