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Golden Dawn trial: stakes couldn't be higher

The trial of members from right-wing Greek movement Golden Dawn is one of the most significant the country has seen, according to Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos from the Brunel Law School.

Dr Giannoulopoulos, who was interviewed on the legal and political ramifications of the trial by The Telegraph and Arise TV, said: "Besides the technical and strictly legal challenges faced by the court, the stakes for the country could hardly be higher.

"Golden Dawn is now the third biggest political party in Greece. Thirteen of its current 17 MPs were re-elected in the January elections though they were running their campaigns from inside the Korydallos prison. The party is beginning to establish itself as an important political force, and conviction of its leadership in court will put it in limbo.

"This presents a significant risk of further polarisation of public opinion, especially at a time when the new government of the Left is trying hard to deliver on its electoral promises of a new economic deal for Greece within Europe, and Europe seems more fixed than ever before on maintaining the status quo."

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