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Groundbreaking performances will look at nature of bodies in media and design


Internationally-renowned artists will explore the form, shape and nature of bodies in media and design in a series of groundbreaking performances and exhibitions at Brunel University London.

From a hands-on e-textile workshop using soft robotic material to inform the choreography of emotion, to a 3D-printed cape embodying the contradiction between 3D printing and a market where making is the new consuming, Performance Architectures, Wearables and Gestures Of Participation invites artists from across the globe to explore work with new forms of architecture and immersive environments.

Opening with a symposium on Thursday April 7 from 3pm to 9pm, the event will feature public performances and exhibitions at Brunel’s Antonin Artaud Building from 6pm to 9.30pm on Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9. Tickets are £5 or £3 for concessions and available on the door.

The event has been organised by Johannes Birringer, artistic director of DAP-Lab and Professor of Performance Technologies (Arts and Humanities).

The project is supported by a grant for METABODY: Media Embodiment Tekhne and Bridges of Diversity (EU Culture Program) and The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University London.

Visit here for more details and to attend.

Featured artists in performance include: 

Metabody Partners: Jaime del Val, Cristian García (Reverso), Pablo Palacio, Muriel Romero (Stocos), Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Yoko Ishiguro, Vanessa Michielon, Aggeliki Margeti, Azzie McCutcheon, Hae-in Song, Christopher Bishop, Seeta Indrani, Martina Reynolds, Elisabeth Sutherland, Hongye Deng, Waka Arai, Hongye Deng, Sahsa Pitale, and Neal Spowage (DAP-Lab), Robert Wechsler, Delphine Lavau (Palindrome),

Participating Artists: Salud López (Spain) Nora O' Murchú (Ireland), Francine Dembo Mukumadi (Kinshasa /Congo), Randall Packer, Galina Mihaleva (Singapore) Angeline Young (Arizona, USA), Maria Kapsali/Simon East (Switch On! UK), Janice Jones (AUS), Mostafa Yarmahmoudi (Iran) Javier Aparicio and Javi F. Gorosti (Spain), Larissa Ferreira (Brasil) Caroline Yan Zheng (RCA London), Paula Aida Guzzanti (Queens University, Belfast), Laura Potrovic (France), Jeanne Bloche (France), Federico Viso (Plymouth University UK), Kathleen McDermot (USA) Isabelle Arvers (France), OJI Obioma (UK), Isabelle Arvers (France).