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Hillingdon people invited to cheer Brunel's first American Football game

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Students at Brunel University are inviting residents and schools from the local area to come and cheer them on in their debut American Football match, this Sunday [Nov 7].

The Brunel Burners American Football Club, which was formed last year with the aid of a grant from Sport England of £9,617. They will be hosting the match against King’s Regents, the American Football team from King’s College London, at Brunel’s sports ground in Uxbridge.

As the only American Football team in the local area, the Brunel Burners want to build a following from the residents of Uxbridge and Hillingdon. “We’d like to invite local residents and their families to watch this spectacle,” said Priya Pallan, the President of the Union of Brunel Students. “It’s not often children get to a chance to see a new sport, just minutes from their homes.”

The club raised a further £1,300 at the campus nightclub at an event with a Jocks vs Cheerleaders theme.

Ayman Abd-Elaziz, American Football Chair at the Union of Brunel Students and Brunel Burners’ Running Back, said: “After all our hard work, our first game is finally upon us. I’m very excited about getting my university and the community involved.”

The UBS Vice-President of Student Activities, Joel Brasher-Jones, added, “American football is like no other sport here at Brunel. At any one time there are at least 30 people playing on the team. It’s a highly enjoyable sport to watch and a great day for everyone.”

Under the guidance of the coaching staff of Head Coach and Offensive Co-Coordinator Tyrone Lindsey, Defensive Co-Coordinator Sean Gray, Wide Receivers’ Coach Stealey Wills, Defensive Backs Coach Chris Goswell and Defensive Assistant Coach, Andrew Pasternak (who is also a student at Brunel), the Burners train three times a week in an effort to prepare themselves for the coming season.

Brunel Burners vs King’s College Regents will be held at 1pm at Brunel University’s Site 5 sports ground, Peel Way, UB8 3RN, off Pield Health Road, at 1pm.

Gates open at noon. Free. Parking at Brunel University Sports Ground, Kingston Lane UB8 3PW.

Notes to Editors

For further information contact: 

Brunel University Press Office, 01895 265585;

Michael Blasebalk, Student Activities Manager, Union of Brunel  Students, 01895 266900;

Union of Brunel Students: 01895 269269;

Joel Brasher-Jones, Vice-President Student Activities, Union of Brunel Students, 01895 266622 or 07944 001784.