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Is it really necessary to shrink-wrap a cucumber?

These challenges will be addressed by a new hands-on professional workshop, launching on the 10th December. Run by Brunel University and Designplus, the one day course will enable packaging professionals and designers to produce sustainable packaging without compromising on design.

The Cucumber Seminars will equip both packaging professionals and individuals within design consultancies to get up to speed with environmental packaging design. After attending, delegates will become their team's in-house sustainability expert with the knowledge and tools to look after both their turnover and the planet.

Not going green is a mistake that few manufacturers or retailers can afford to make, both in terms of financial savings on reduced energy and materials, and of increasing pressure from consumers for corporate responsibility. Giants such as Cadbury's are demonstrating the need for change, by aiming to reduce gift packaging by 25% by Christmas 2010.
Course leader Laurel Miller, of a.m. associates said: “We see the environmental challenge as something which can really be turned into an advantage, with the right knowledge. We've always put great emphasis on making our work eco-friendly, our company ethos being minimal materials, maximum protection. Now the environmental challenge has come home to roost with us. Through the Cucumber Seminars we can convey our experience of working with major brands combined with our understanding of designing packaging within an environmental framework.“
Participants on the one-day workshop will learn:

• How brand image and packaging design do not have to be compromised by sustainability.
• About the environmental aspects of conventional materials and new bio-materials.
• About waste hierarchy and where packaging ends up after disposal.
• How to distinguish between environmental fact and greenwash.

For further information, or to book your place, please contact hello@designplus.org.uk or 01895 267 499.


For more information please contact:

Media: Hannah Murray | Hannah@communicationsmanagement.co.uk | 01727 737997

Course: Laurel Miller | laurel@structuralpackaging.com


• The Cucumber Seminar Series is a one-day professional workshop run by Brunel University and DesignPlus, lead by a.m. associates. Dates for the course are:
o 10th December 2009 - Museum of Brands, Notting Hill
o 28th January 2010 - Brunel University, Uxbridge
o 25th March 2010 - Museum of Brands
o 27th May 2010 - Brunel University
o 15th July 2010 - Museum of Brands

• DesignPlus is an initiative from Brunel University which works with SMEs to encourage businesses and the University to collaborate on design based projects.

• Course leader Laurel Miller is the Creative Director of a.m. associates creative consultants specialising in packaging design and new product development. She also acts as an environmental packaging consultant to businesses through her partnership Cucumber Consulting.