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Made in Brunel preview: Bradley Wherry's UV-indicator sunglasses

São Paulo: LAE International
Design student Bradley Wherry has created a pair of sunglasses with a built-in UV indicator, as part of a sun awareness campaign to help prevent skin cancer.

The campaign, entitled Beat the Burn, is based on the idea that promoting awareness about the dangers involved in over exposure to the sun can be made fun, rather than frightening. The sunglasses’ frames change colour to indicate the strength of the sun’s ultra-violet rays, an idea that Bradley hopes will prove popular with children.

His design was motivated by his recollections of long summers spent as a child on the beaches around Jersey. Bradley explained: “It was very easy for me to get burnt. I used to forget to put sunscreen on, and not realise how strong the sun was.”

“I hope the glasses will encourage people to enjoy the sun responsibly,” he added. “Scaring people into covering up and coating themselves with suncream could mean they end up getting vitamin D deficiency.”

The glasses, currently modelled on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style, could be produced in a variety of colours. “I hope that sunglasses manufacturers will take up the idea,” Bradley said.