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Made in Brunel preview: Rosanna Wells' "Chameleon Shoe"

Final year Design student Rosanna Wells has created a high heeled shoe base which can be used with different slot-in uppers in a variety of styles, colours and shapes.
“I love high heels and I have a lot of them,” said Rosanna. “It annoys me that some are comfortable but I know some will hurt after a while so I can’t wear them.”
The “Chameleon Shoe” consists of a high heel with a custom-made soft foam insole that is moulded to fit the wearer’s foot. The personal shoe has a locking mechanism for the top sections, which clip on “like changing cartridge heads on razors,” explained Rosanna. “The wearer could just buy the colour and style she likes and keep up with the trends more easily, without having to find a shoe that would be comfortable.”
The base has a thick platform front section, so the heel isn’t elevated as much, and there is a grip on the bottom. The base would only need to be replaced when the grip wears out.
Rosanna has also designed a storage bag for the tops of the shoes. “The shoe is handy for going on holiday. It takes up less space and you could save on costs.”
As well as studying Design at Brunel, Rosanna also took courses on shoe design at the London College of Fashion, and researched orthotics to help people with feet problems. “The idea means that if you have sensitive feet, you don’t have to stop wearing heels,” she added.
“This is something innovative and different. It’s the look of high fashion but with comfort and without the ridiculous price tag. There would be a high initial cost but after that, the cost would be very reasonable for many desirable pairs of shoes.”
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Rosanna Wells’ Chameleon Shoe is on show at Made in Brunel, the final year exhibition for Brunel’s Engineering and Design students. The exhibition will be held at The Bargehouse, London, from 9-11 June.
All students and staff are warmly invited to join us.
Visit the Made in Brunel website for more details.