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Magnificent Magna Carta response is something to celebrate

A Brunel exhibition to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta has been praised for successfully bringing the democratic principles upon which it was founded to a new audience.

The Magna Carta Today exhibition, featuring a facsimile of the great charter lent by the House of Lords, was central to the country's celebrations in Runnymede this week.

Through images connected with historical human rights movements, it illustrated the relevance of the Magna Carta to today's understanding of democratic liberties.

Professor Justin Fisher, the Director of Brunel University London's Magna Carta Institute, said it was down to the hard work of staff that the exhibition had attracted more than 1,000 people since opening on 3 June.

He said: "I'm delighted that people across the university worked together on making this exhibition a success."

Prof Fisher, Head of Politics, History and the Brunel Law School was presented to the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Cambridge at Runnymede following the Magna Carta Day celebrations on Monday 15 June. Lord Mitchell, who lent the facsimile to Brunel, also attended.