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Modern Classical musicians play full-length jazz-impro tribute to Miles Davis

…Brew: The Miles Davis Project, an allusion to Davis's Bitches Brew, is the brainchild of notes's founder and director, Peter Wiegold of Brunel University's Centre for Contemporary Music Practice, in West London.

“I asked 10 leading modern composers to send me a musical 'postcard' from Miles Davis, and then we will improvise on those 'postcards' using Miles Davis-like techniques,“ explains Wiegold, who also provided a sample. His method of conducting the musicians using “signals,“ also follows Davis's directing practice.

This is the first full concert of notes inégales following the success of their cabaret Hot, at the Union Chapel, Islington in North London, in December 2006,which saw the ensemble play Wiegold's arrangement of Bitches Brew for the first time.

“The thing about Miles Davis, is that he inspires everyone,“ added Wiegold.

The composers are: Richard Barrett; Martin Butler; Philip Cashian; Tansy Davis; John Lunn; Claudia Molitor; Charlie Piper; Andrew Poppy; Colin Riley; Peter Wiegold. The players are: Joel Bell; Martin Butler; Christophe Fellay; Christian Forshaw; Torbjörn Hultmark; Graham Lee; John Lunn; Oren Marshall; Melinda Maxwell; Duncan Prescott, led by Peter Wiegold.

…brew: the Miles Davis Project at the ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH. Box Office: 020 7930 3647; 8th and 9th May, 2008, 7.30pm. Tickets £12/ £10.

Notes to editors

For further information, contact the Brunel University Press Office: Phone: 01895 265585, helen.jacobus@brunel.ac.uk

To hear a sample of Peter Wiegold's Bitches Brew and more, go to www.myspace.com/notesinegales

For a CD contact the press office.

Further information on the band: www.notesinegales.co.uk