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Professor Heinz Wolff interviewed in The Guardian

Heinz Wolff, Emeritus Professor and Founding Director of Brunel’s Bioengineering Department, is in The Guardian today (8 September) talking to David Brindle about his recent research focus on the care needs of the ageing population.

In the article ‘Taking up the challenge of care for the elderly’ Wolff moves away from his usual focus on assistive technologies, declaring science’s limitations in providing answers to what he sees as the biggest challenge facing society – the care needs of the older population – and introduces his Care4Care scheme, a utopian vision that may provide a solution.

“I have undergone a change of heart. I am a techie; I have spent most of my life inventing technical devices of one sort or another. But the tool required for care, the only one really required for giving care, tends to be attached to people."

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