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Rabbit cuddling owes much to rise in part-time pets

Cuddling bunnies has proven to be hugely successful for student wellbeing, but Brunel’s Rabbit Café is also leading the way in a move to connect animal lovers to part-time pets.  

Brunel University London is the only university in the UK to host the Rabbit Café - a chance for staff and students to pet away their stress every Friday.

But, from dog days to cat cafés, the idea of giving people who can’t keep animals some quality time with the pet of their choice is taking off across the UK.

Writing for The Independent, Brunel journalism student Camilla Brugrand says the phenomenon started in Taiwan, but grew in Japan, from which Brunel’s Anglican Chaplain and Interfaith Advisor, Sally Hitchiner, drew her inspiration for the Rabbit Café.

Sally said: “Rabbits don’t judge you on what you wear or what grade you got on your last assignment. They just want a cuddle. We want to promote an atmosphere where everyone is valuable and accepted.”

The article can be seen here in full.