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Sean Bean stars at Brunel University

The star, who has appeared in “Lord of the Rings,“ “Troy,“ and starred in the TV series “Sharpe“ wrote the foreword to 'Sheffield United FC: The Biography' by Brunel University sports lecturer Dr Gary Armstrong.

Dr Armstrong and the actor are old friends: they met on a London train journey nearly 16 years ago and found they had plenty in common including a life long dedication to Sheffield United.

“The book has been some time in the making, however our love of the 'Blades' has been instrumental in driving the project,“ said Dr Armstrong.

The book has the backing of the chairman of the club, Kevin McCabe. Covering the club's history over 117 years, since its inception, 'Sheffield United FC: the Biography' details a series of extraordinary stories, which were obtained from the use of the club's archives, including its social history, the people who ran the club and former and present players. It also looks at the history of football in Sheffield which began 150 years ago.

“Much of the book is a compilation of stories and memories passed down through various generations of Blade supporters. These anecdotes will now form part of the club's history,“ he added.