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Sports and leisure innovations displayed at Made in Brunel 2013


Sports and leisure is a major theme of this year’s Made In Brunel 2013 Exhibition, which opens on London’s South Bank on Thursday 13 June.

Prominent designs include an in-visor GPS system for motorbike riders, an adjustable sprint shoe for young athletes and heated handlebars to help cyclists in winter
The exhibition, which showcases the innovations of young designers and engineers from Brunel University’s School of Design and Engineering, opens at The Bargehouse on London's South Bank from Thursday 13 - Sunday 16 June 2013.
The Adjustable Sprint Shoe was designed by James Eaton for junior athletes. Each shoe can be adjusted to fit up to three sizes. This allows the athlete to adjust the shoe to fit them, whilst their feet continue to grow. The athlete is then able to use their favourite shoes for longer avoiding having to throw away hardly worn shoes, which increases the lifespan of the shoe.
The show also has something for motor bike riders. Existing products on the market surrounding GPS navigation for motorcycle users normally require the rider to draw their eyes away from the road frequently. In-Visor GPS Navigation System, by Rachel Scott-Thompson, uses an OLED display to show GPS directions on the helmet visor. It focuses on the design of a system of information communication to give users directions towards their destination while allowing them to keep their eyes focused on the road ahead and their concentration focused on the hazards around them.

Cold weather can create many problems for cyclists and low temperatures and strong head windscan cause discomfort, particularly to the cyclist’s hands. Ali Dalton’s Heated Handlebars for Cyclists provides a comfortable and reliable solution.
The aim of the project was ultimately to design and develop a product which is primarily focused on improving the cyclist’s journey through the use of an innovative new bicycle accessory. The design can be conveniently fitted to most existing handlebar designs. The heated grips will enable the user to experience a sufficient amount of heat in their hands to minimise discomfort and reduce the possibility of health risks.
Alternatively, for those interested in snorkelling, Joshua Dettmar has come up with a new snorkel solution to reduce respiratory dead space, optimising the respiration process and providing a non-restrictive form of subaqueous breathing equipment.  Through research, and consistent technical development a final functional prototype has been produced which offers a unique solution via the constant delivery of fresh air and removal of exhaled waste.
This year’s show focuses on stories of the design and engineering students and how their own personalities and experiences have shaped their innovative products.
Many of the young designers and engineers are set to become industry names of the future and a number of the designs have been developed in collaboration and at the request of leading brands including Coca-Cola, Puma and Rolls-Royce.
Around 300 innovations are expected to catch the eye of consumers, producers and service providers. Previous Made in Brunel exhibitors have landed top jobs at the likes of Jaguar Cars, Porsche Design, Dyson, Burberry and Lastminute.com.
The three day exhibition will include workshops, design forums and talks from leading figures in the design and engineering industry.

For more information about Made in Brunel 2013 please visit theMade in Brunel website, or follow the show on Twitter @madeinbrunel13.