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Student wins award for African-American women in sport

Ms Gipson, 26, of Kurtz Avenue, Dayton, is studying for a PhD at the Centre for Youth Sport and Athlete Welfare, at Brunel University, in West London.

Since graduating from the Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Ms Gipson has forged a career in coaching young women in soccer; always with the goal of developing them as both athletes and citizens. She obtained her Masters from Georgia State University, in Atlanta, in 2007.

Christina said, “I am very appreciative and deeply honoured to receive such a prestigious award ….it allows me to reflect on the support and contributions of those who have helped and mentored me along the way.“

Her work has included spells working for non-profit organizations with the mission of seeking equitable opportunities for girls and women in international sport; an aim which became the focus of her doctoral thesis.

She added, “This award shows my passion for the importance of providing women and girls with as many opportunities in life as possible.“

Christina will receive a monetary prize and ceremonial plaque in recognition of her achievement at the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women Congress in South Africa, this July.

Notes to Editors
Nell Jackson's life was dedicated to track and field, both as a performer in the 1948 Olympics, and later, as a distinguished coach and administrator. Notably, she was the first African American to be appointed head coach of the US Olympic Association. Accordingly, the award is made to African American women who have made significant contributions to, and set standards of excellence in, every aspect of sport. The award forms part of a proud heritage of African American sportsmen and women acknowledging the pioneering role of their forerunners. It given out on an annual basis by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

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Photo: Christina Gipson