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Career timeline

We offer support at every level of study and there are lots of opportunities to develop your skills and build your CV at each step of your university journey.



This is the right time to start building your skills and gaining experience. Engaging with opportunities during Level 1 will look fantastic on your CV, showing employers that you are focused, hardworking, and resourceful. You will also dramatically increase your chances of securing a placement.

  • Meet your subject-specific Careers Consultant and start to develop a professional CV

  • Develop transferable skills through our skills programmes READY and Brunel+ award

  • Attend Employability workshops and events

  • Gain work experience through the Job Shop & Brunel Volunteers

  • Become a Student Ambassador/Course Representative

  • Investigate vacation and company 'insight' opportunities, such as Brunel WPSIS

Level 2


Now is the time to start preparing and applying for placements. Completing a placement can fast-track your career - improving your final year grades and degree classification, at the same time enhancing your graduate prospects.

Students not undertaking a placement year can still use this time to gain experience and attend careers events.


  • Book an appointment with your Placement Adviser, who will work with you to help secure you a placement

  • Attend the Pre-placement Module and apply to placements

  • Attend workshops and events run by the PDC including the Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair

  • Gain work experience through the Job Shop and Brunel Volunteers on campus

Work placement

A placement will provide you with invaluable professional experience and help you find your ideal graduate role.Get a taste for the professional world and learn from the best.

  • Say ‘Yes!’ to every opportunity at work
  • Network to build contacts, stay in touch with the PDC & use our resources

  • Apply for your company’s fast track graduate scheme

Level 3

Preparing for your graduate career starts in September of your final year.  You must start early to keep up with the competition. Remember you’ll also have to fit this around your dissertation, so planning and time management are essential, and both attractive, transferable skills!

  • Book an appointment with a Careers Consultant 

  • Attend Careers Fairs Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair and the Summer Graduate Recruitment Fair

  • Apply to graduate schemes advertised by the PDC