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What can I do with my degree

Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious what kind of career your degree will lead to. With the rise of creative, non-vocational course subjects, more graduates are leaving university with the potential to thrive in a wide range of industries.

More and more employers are favouring the experience of extracurricular activities and achievements over a final degree classification. This means what you can do with your degree relies on how you use your spare time while studying. Develop your transferable skills and competencies through voluntary or part-time work, internships, work shadowing, finding a mentor, or taking a part-time course.

See what career path possibilities are out there:

Once you know the kind of roles that interest you, you can start researching companies where you would like to work. If you feel that nothing appeals to you at all, stay positive and consider your strengths.

Booking a careers appointment is easy however, especially during term time, spaces fill up quickly. All our consultants have the expertise to assist with general career queries, so book a Quick Query slot if your specialist consultant is not available right away.

Don't lose hope

Many graduates find themselves in a career unrelated to their degree. If you find that your degree cannot lead you to the career you want, you might have the option to complete a conversion, professional, or master's course to set you on your preferred path. Always seek the advice of your Careers Consultant before making these important decisions.