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Graduate job search

Starting your search

Even though you may feel late to the market and a lot of your friends have already found work, the reality is that with a good plan, and good quality and quantity of applications, you can still find success in your job search.

Careers Consultants can help you to put together a plan and help you execute it to help you find the right role. You will need to be determined and motivated and remember that each job is different and that your applications will need care and attention in order to be selected by the employer.

You may find yourself in a position where you have no real plan on what kind of roles you want to approach, we can help this so please come and see us and also have a look at these pages

You will have more time now to search for roles and to tailor applications but you will also have plenty of competition so work with the Professional Development Centre to ensure that each application that you complete has a good chance of being selected for interview.

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You may find yourself working in the same part-time role that you had whilst you were at university, but remember that job hunting can also be a full time job and you will need to manage how many hours you work in the part-time role and maintain a real focus on your ultimate goal - a graduate career. Try and allocate specific time in the week to job hunting and plan your work effectively.

Though you have left Brunel, we will still contact you with information and job opportunities, as will employers, so don’t forget to keep on top of your emails and messages.