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In order to have your volunteering hours recorded on your HEAR transcript and to be considered for a Volunteers Award, you will need to complete and return the monthly online timesheet to the Volunteers Department. 

To ensure your volunteering hours are recorded correctly and on time, you should submit your online timesheet using the following process:

  1. Enter your volunteering hours onto the online monthly timesheet, including your full name and student ID number,  the name of the charity or organization, the total number of hours volunteered, and any interviews and/or training you attend as part of your role. 
  2. You can complete as many timesheets as you would like with as many volunteering activities you have completed (on-going or one-off). Please ensure that your Student ID number is correct and the form is completed fully.

If you achieve at least a Bronze Award (25 hours), you will be invited to the Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony and receive a certificate of recognition. We encourage students to strive to achieve 50 hours and more which would put you in a great position to achieve a Silver or Gold award. The more hours you volunteer the more you will gain valuable experience, develop skills, and make a meaningful impact. Receiving an award and recognition serve as symbols of outstanding achievement and can be a valuable addition to your academic and extracurricular portfolio.

If you are an undergraduate, any volunteering you undertake will appear on your HEAR.

If you are having difficulties accessing the online timesheet, please email your volunteering hours, full volunteering details and your contact details to  

To log your volunteering hours, click HERE