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 Once you have started volunteering you need to fill out timesheets. These allow you to record your volunteering hours and allow us submit the information for your university profile.

  1. Enter in your volunteering hours, including your travel to and from the role, interviews and training.
  2. Ask you volunteer supervisor to sign your timesheet, verifying your hours.
  3. Send the timesheet back to us via email or drop it off at the Brunel Volunteers office.

If you achieve at least a Bronze Award (25 hours), you will be invited to the Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony and receive a certificate of recognition.

If you are an undergraduate, any volunteering you undertake will also appear on your HEAR.

You can download your monthly timesheets below:

July 2019

Download your July timesheet here. 

August 2019

Download your August timesheet here.

September 2019

Download your September timesheet here.

October 2019

Download your October timehsheet here.

November 2019

Download your November timesheet here.

December 2019

Download your December timesheet here.

January 2020

Download your January timesheet here.

February 2020

Download your February timesheet here.

March 2020

Download your March timesheet here.

April 2020

Download your April timesheet here.

May 2020

Download your May timesheet here.