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Brunel University - Modern Language Teaching Assistant

Details of the Charity:

If you are a native speaker in one of the nine languages, we teach. Then you have the opportunity to volunteer as a language assistant to support the language assistant to support the language teacher in the classroom. The role gives you great work experience in supporting students and teachers and can enhance your employability. The language assistant programme is part of your HEAR record, which showcases various volunteering you have completed alongside your studies. You will also receive a certificate if you complete a set number of hours as a language assistant and complete a portfolio.

Student Teaching Assistants are required for the following languages:





Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

We would like to recruit Student Teaching Assistants to volunteer in our Modern Language classes. Applicants should have a very high level of competence in the language in question  - native speaker or approximately C1 level -  and will assist the class tutor in teaching the language.  Tasks could include:

-          Helping the tutor in the classroom to deliver aspects of the lesson;

-          Working with a small group of students to improve speaking skills;

-          Providing small conversation classes alongside Brunel’s Modern Languages classes;

 Applicants should contact Pascale.Mcfadden@brunel.ac.uk to arrange an informal virtual interview.

Skills Required:

Students must either be a native speaker of the language they wish to teach, or they should have reached a high level of competence (at least C1 according to the European Framework).

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Teaching Assistant training will be delivered by qualified language teachers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Free professional training which can be entered on the CV.
  • Valuable experience as a Teaching Assistant.
  • Inclusion of this work as part of the Brunel+ award.
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