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Brunel University - PAL Leaders

Details of the Charity:

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) provides first year students with the opportunity to work together in informal sessions to succeed in their first year of studies through the development of their independent learning. Sessions are led by PAL leaders, who are student volunteers in a higher year on the same course/division.

PAL leaders work in pairs to plan, publicise and facilitate weekly study support sessions for groups of first year students. This involves leading activities that are creative in nature and encourage a collaborative approach to learning and problem solving.
PAL leaders are trained by the ASK team before the start of the next academic year and are further supported by an Academic Coordinator in their department throughout the year.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Plan, publicise, and facilitate a bi-weekly PAL session (either online or in person – restrictions permitting) for groups of level 1 students to:
• Help them improve their academic study skills and understand the academic requirements of their course;
• adjust and gain confidence in relation to university life;
• acquire a clear view of course direction and expectations;
• enhance their understanding of course content through collaborative group discussions and activities (not teaching);
• facilitate activities that develop skills such as preparing for exams and assessments

Apply online at https://brunel.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/pal-leader-202122-application-form

Additional Benefits:

1) Accrue hours towards the Brunel Volunteers Award.
2) HEAR Accreditation on your transcript.
3) PAL leader certificates (electronic).

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