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Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties - Virtual Ambassador

Details of the Charity:

We’re the charity here to ensure more young people know the signs and symptoms of cancer, whatever their background. We’re passionate about young people feeling empowered about their own health and encouraging them to go to the doctor when something doesn’t feel right. We want to amplify the voices of young people within healthcare, empower young people to feel confident accessing health services and knowing their rights. We are for young people, by young people. We take a hands-on approach to cancer awareness: • Running interactive cancer awareness workshops across the UK.

• Producing digital campaigns, symptom identifiers and self-checking guides to reach as many young people as possible.

• Creating opportunities for young people to train and as health ambassadors and set up awareness teams.

• Amplifying the voices of young people in healthcare.

• Breaking the stigma surrounding young adult cancer.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Volunteers will help out virtually, through social media pages and university online pages/portals to help spread the word for CATTs and share vital awareness about young adult cancer. Volunteers will spend roughly 1hr per week: 1. Sharing our online materials from our social pages to help reach more young people and bring in wider audiences. 2. Testing and promoting our online workshops. 3. Being part of our youth forums to voice opinions on our content development and potential projects. 4. Getting involved in and promoting our annual fundraisers. 5. Sharing our CATTs on Campus recruitment callouts to help establish an awareness team at Brunel.

Skills Required:

- Passionate about young people’s health.
- Confident on social media, comfortable sharing young adult health materials.
- Friendly, approachable and open to helping direct people to us who may be interested in setting up an awareness team.
- Enjoys sharing opinions as part of a group.
- Keen to get involved in challenges and think outside of the box.

Additional Benefits:

Opportunity to train as part of our annual student training, developing leadership and event planning skills. Chance to develop within CATTs beyond virtual ambassadorship.
Becoming an advocate for young adult health

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