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Creating Better Futures - Grant Volunteers

Details of the Charity:

Creating Better Futures is a Reading-based charity founded by Dorothy Dix in 2012. Dorothy Dix was born in Zimbabwe with nothing and rejected as a child by her father as she was a girl, she was then sponsored to have an education and able to then go to University in the UK. Therefore, Dorothy decided to give back to her community and set up this charity to provide educational opportunities for the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe. The charity does many projects: sustainable agriculture, sanitary pads project, feeding programme, child sponsorship and many more. The Covid-19 situation has severely impacted those in Zimbabwe and the children are left with no internet and no access to education, and very little access to food and water. Therefore, we strive to find sustainable solutions for the children to have a better future.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Grant volunteers will apply for grants through emails and letters.

 Their roles will include:

  • Utilising information given by the charity and creating persuasive applications to governments, trusts and emergency grants
  • Researching new and creative grant opportunities
  • Using google drive especially google sheets.
  • Communicating with the team in Zimbabwe

Skills Required:

communication skills and creative thinking is vital

  • Passionate - someone who truly cares about what we do
  • Positive- someone with a can-do attitude 
  • Proactive- someone who is able to take the initiative
  • Punctual - someone who is organised and reliable 
  • Personable - someone who is friendly and approachable 
  • Professional - someone with excellent communication skills both verbal and written 
  • Public Speaking- someone who is comfortable to speak in front of people 

Additional Benefits:

We are a small charity so one will be able to do a range of activities that most people cannot do in larger charities and you will be given the freedom to run with your own ideas.
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