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Dig Deep - Volunteer Team Leader

Details of the Charity:

We're unlocking opportunity for Kenya's poorest residents, county by county, by ensuring everyone has clean water, safe toilets and hygiene - forever. Where we work in Kenya, 8 out of every 10 people lack access to clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene. Most residents live in rural communities and spend hours every  day walking to  collect  dirty water or find a safe place to relieve themselves. Dirty water and poor hygiene spread diseases meaning even more time is lost to sickness that could have been used to learn and earn. For a child, this can mean the difference between dropping out of primary  school and completing a full education. For a parent this can mean the difference between struggling to get by and earning enough to improve the standing of their family. Our supporters are the only ones helping these communities to remove these  barriers. We know that every £1 you  invest in clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene, unlocks up to £8 in economic returns.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

We are looking for confident approachable and committed individuals to recruit and lead teams of like-minded people. By leading a team to Kilimanjaro you will be giving people the opportunity to take on a life-changing challenge  whilst gaining valuable skills and experience for yourself. The direct outcome of your work will be the recruitment and support of fundraisers; together you will raise thousands of pounds for our clean water and sanitation projects.

Key duties

  • Inform - get the word out about this epic challenge and where the fundraising will go by being an ambassador for Dig Deep.
  • Recruit - recruit a team who will climb Kilimanjaro with you and achieve something extraordinary together.
  • Support - with our help you will support your team with reaching their £2700 fundraising targets (N.B each team member will have an individual target of £2700)   

To be a successful leader

You will have a dedicated fundraising support officer (FSO) from Dig Deep to help you every step of the way however we will ask you to commit to the following:

  • Promote and pitch the challenge to your existing networks and across your wider region, in person and across social media, and keep in regular contact with those interested in the challenge.
  • Maintain in regular contact with your FSO so that they can assist you with your recruitment and the fundraising support of your team.
  • Maintain in regular contact with your team members and assist them in their fundraising by organising team fundraising events and socials.

Skills Required:

  • Presentation skills (host information events throughout the year)
  • Marketing and advertising experience (promoting the challenge)
  • Global awareness

Additional Benefits:

The role is the perfect way to develop yourself personally and professionally and add lots of new skills to your CV that will be attractive to future employees. These include:

  1. National and International leadership experience.
  2. Project/Team management (coordinating fundraising events and group travel).
  3. Fundraising experience - you and your team will raise £1000s and make a real difference to communities in East Africa.
  4. Recruitment experience - recruit an amazing team of future lifelong friends.
  5. Presentation skills (host information events throughout the year).
  6. Trip of a lifetime to Kilimanjaro at a discounted price based on your recruitment.
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