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Humanists UK - Young Humanists Ambassador

Details of the Charity:

At Humanists UK, we want a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. We work to support lasting change for a better society, championing ideas for the one life we have. We’re committed to putting humanism into practice through our ceremonies, pastoral support, education services, and campaigning work. We advance free thinking and freedom of choice so everyone can live in a fair and equal society. Our policies are informed with the support of over 150 of the UK’s most prominent philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers and experts and we seek to advance them with the help of parliamentarians in the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group. We strive to be the voice of humanists in public debate, drawing on contemporary humanist thought and the worldwide humanist tradition.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

As an Ambassador, you will network with nearby local humanist groups, Humanist Students societies and other relevant groups (e.g. sceptics groups), to ensure that the needs of 18-35 year old non-religious people in your area are met. No fixed hourly commitment per week is required and volunteers are expected to work independently.

Skills Required:

Young Humanists Ambassadors have a range of skills, but the core requirements are:

  • Enthusiasm for engaging more young people in Humanism
  • Ability to remain on-message and on-brand (you are the voice around the country)
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • You may also have experience with event management or networking

Additional Benefits:

  • You will have plenty of expertise to draw on from the current Young Humanists Executive Committee and Officers, including advice and support on social media and event management.
  • You will also have a go-to member of the Executive Committee.
  • Will be recorded on your HEAR – which goes on your permanent university record.
  • All hours contribute towards your Brunel Volunteers Award, which may lead to an invitation to the annual Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony in May.
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