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London Transport Museum - Learning Volunteer (Secondary Schools)

Details of the Charity:

Inspire is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) day at the Museum Depot in Acton. Secondary school pupils come with their teachers for the day to do a variety of activities. One of the objectives of the Inspire Engineering Day is to encourage young people to make exam choices leading to an engineering related career in the transport sector. In order to achieve this the workshop aims to:

  • Increase young peoples’ appreciation for real-world engineering
  • Increase young peoples’ understanding of engineering and its connection to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects
  • Enhance pupil skills, particularly problem solving, team working, communication and self-management
  • Give pupils an insight into careers in engineering and routes into them
  • Provide pupils with an enjoyable experience.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

As a Learning volunteer supporting the Inspire Engineering day you will:

  • Support the delivery of ‘Braking Eggsperiment’ which is a handson engineering challenge. You will work with the groups of students during the activity and lead the scoring at the end of the challenge.
  • Alternatively, if you have a background in engineering you could take part in small group interviews on old tube trains. You will be able to talk to up to 8 pupils about your career path and answer student questions. Students will receive a profile with question prompts to structure the activity, but feel free to deviate! 
  • You will also have ‘Engineering Star’ stickers to award throughout the day to students who exhibit excellent engineering skills.
  • Leading a 10-minute group activity with a small group (up to 6 pupils). The activity encourages the group to reflect on their learning and prepare for a short presentation at the end of the day. The activity can be self-led by the class teacher, so your role can be supportive, or you can take more of a lead if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Helping the delivery freelancer meet and greet each school group, speaking to the teachers at the beginning of the day to gauge their knowledge and encourage participation throughout the day. 
  • Supporting the delivery freelancer to set up the rooms, equipment and props at the beginning of each day, re-setting ‘Braking Eggsperiment’ boards ready for the second group and packing down at the end of the day. 
  • Support the delivery freelancer to lead groups safely around the Depot sheds, including holding doors open, pointing out trip hazards and encouraging the group to stay together and keep up. 
  • Help ensure the safety of both our visitors and the Museum collection, e.g. reminding pupils not to run in the vehicle sheds or touch objects. Being aware of fire evacuation and safeguarding procedures. 
  • Supporting the delivery freelancer to hand out and collect feedback forms at the end of the session. 
  • Supporting the delivery freelancer to ensure the smooth running of other aspects of the school’s visit, including use of a lunch room and toilet facilities as required. 

Skills Required:

  • A friendly, enthusiastic and approachable manner
  • Some experience or a strong interest in engaging with children
  • Good communication skills and an ability to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds
  • An interest in learning through creative activity
  • DBS check required (provided free of charge by Brunel Volunteers)

Additional Benefits:

  • Training and continual professional development (through varied volunteer roles)
  • New skills and greater confidence
  • Experience in working with children in a museum and heritage setting 
  • Being part of a great volunteer team improving the experience for our visitors
  • Reimbursed travel and meal expenses up to set daily amounts as stated in the Volunteer Expenses Policy 
  • Regular volunteer networking events 
  • References for other volunteer or employment opportunities
  • Interested? Apply below:
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