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National Handwriting Association – Support Officer (Occupational Therapy/Education)

Details of the Charity:

The NHA is run by an executive committee of volunteers who work in their professional lives as teachers, therapists, academics or researchers.

We aim to:

  • raise awareness of handwriting as a crucial component of literacy
  • promote and foster good practice in the teaching of handwriting
  • provide support for those working with children with handwriting difficulties

To fulfil these aims we:

  • maintain an up-to-date website
  • run in-service training in schools, clinics and other centres
  • run an in-depth course on handwriting around the UK
  • produce an annual journal for our members
  • publish practical booklets and other materials
  • liaise with commercial enterprises to give guidance on the manufacture of writing
  • work with central and local government to improve standards of handwriting
  • support research into handwriting

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Help support the executive committee with tasks that support our aims.

These may include:

  • Helping to compile information and edit the content of our publications for the website, or our printed publications.
  • Tweet about handwriting related issues from our Twitter account
  • Provide support for the committee members to compile online training materials
  • Volunteering at Special Educational Needs or Occupational Therapy exhibitions to raise awareness of the NHA at our stand

The student will be invited to the four executive committee meetings annually in London.

Time commitment: 2 hours a week, over a few terms.

Skills Required:

  • Occupational Therapy or Education Student
  • Very good Organisational skills
  • Administration skills
  • Very good IT skills, able to edit content in Microsoft word & PowerPoint
  • Social media related skills
  • Very good communication skills & professional behaviour

*DBS required – provided free of charge by Brunel Volunteers

Additional Benefits:

  • Travel expenses reimbursed
  • Student will receive free training on handwriting through the NHA online learning resources.
  • Opportunities to work with very experienced teachers, occupational therapists in the field of handwriting
  • Be involved in the executive committee quarterly meetings
  • Receive a certificate from the NHA for their CPD portfolio
  • Hours volunteered will be recorded on your H.E.A.R – which goes on your permanent university record
  • All hours will contribute towards your Brunel Volunteers Award, which may lead to an invitation to the annual Brunel Volunteers Award Ceremony in May.
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