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OACS – Grants and Funding Co-ordinator

Details of the Charity:

OACS (Organisation for Anti-Convulsant Syndrome) were created to support those families with children that have been prenatally affected by anti-epileptic medication. OACS was established in January 1999 and became a registered Charity in 2006. 

Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome is a complex disability which includes congenital abnormalities, autism, learning difficulties, poor muscle tone amongst many other problems. It is not known as to why some mothers are susceptible but it is believed that it may be due to a genetic disposition. We are a proactive organisation creating initiatives in order to develop a greater awareness of FACS, whilst generating opportunities that will support these families.

The challenges these families face are unique; they are often single parent families (parent cares for the disabled child, who in turn has to care for their disabled mother). With the drug sodium valproate it is now recognised that there is a 30 – 60% likelihood that the mother has a disabled child (depending on the amount taken). If one child has FACS there is a 55% likelihood of having a second child with the syndrome.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

OACS are looking for someone who can write grants and apply for funding. You will be writing grants for a small rare disease patient led charity, seeking to improve the lives of families whose members are affected by Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome.

OACS has a clear vision for the future and strategy for our future development. A funding strategy will need to be needed in order to make this happen.

The applicant will:

  • Work with the secretary in order to identify appropriate grants.
  • Develop a detailed reporting process
  • Help to coordinate the submission process for new applications
  • Be involved with the preparation of high quality funding proposals, including logical frameworks and budgets as required, ensuring that donor requirements and guidelines are understood and met
  • Develop a portfolio of grants and timetable to ensure that trustees are aware of funding opportunities and deadlines.
  • Maintain an accurate database of current and prospective donors, funding applications and their outcomes.

It may be necessary that you attend some networking opportunities.

Hours to be negotiated and are flexible. The role will be home based but any travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Skills Required:

  • Good standard of computer literacy (Word, Excel)
  • Excellent writing skills with the ability to wite clearly and concisely
  • Good attention to detail
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Ability to plan and work within agreed timeframes
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and work well under pressure
  • Ability to understand and generate budgets

Additional Benefits:

  • You will complete an induction course aimed to give you a clearer overview of FACS and you will be trained to learn about the rare disease sector.
  • OACS will seek out training opportunities regarding funding and grant making.
  • You will have compiled a portfolio of work which will be able to help your future ambitions and goals.
  • Hours volunteered will be recorded on your H.E.A.R - which goes on your permanent university record
  • All hours will contribute towards your Brunel Volunteers Award, which leads to an invitation to the annual Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony in May
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