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Reset Communities and Refugees - Welcome Neighbour Volunteer

Details of the Charity:

More than 29 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes and countries because of war or persecution. Reset Communities and Refugees gives you the opportunity to welcome a refugee family into your neighbourhood and support them as they restart their lives here in the UK

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

As a neighbourhood volunteer you’ll be offering a friendly welcome to these newly arrived nurses. You’ll work with others (in groups of up to 5 volunteers) to ensure that your new neighbour settles into their new home and feels confident in the neighbourhood.

The support you offer will, of course, depend on the assistance your new neighbour feels they need. We anticipate this to include getting to know your area (local shops and public transport), registering with local services (like a GP and dentist) and finding out information about activities available in the area. Newcomers will normally have a good standard of English and they will benefit from your knowledge of local dialects and colloquialisms and an opportunity to practice their informal spoken English. You’ll work with others in your group to ensure that your new neighbour feels confident in their new neighbourhood and to offer companionship as they establish their life here. Nearly everyone is qualified to support a newcomer in their community.

Time commitment

We’ll be asking you to work as part of a small team in your local area to ensure that your new neighbour has contact and assistance over a 6 month period and you should anticipate spending up to 3 or 4 hours per week in this role, in agreement with your new neighbour. Your new neighbour will be arriving in your area in October 2021.

Skills Required:

We are looking for volunteers over the age of 18, who have access to the internet for attending training and recording your activities. We will ask you to comply with our volunteer polices, for which you will be given full training.

Additional Benefits:

  • Free training
  • Teamwork with other volunteers
  • Volunteering hours go towards the Brunel Volunteers Award
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