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Trinity Homeless Projects - Social Media Assistant

Details of the Charity:

Trinity was registered in April 2007 by our founder and Chief Executive Steve Hadley.  We provide day services, housing, coaching, training, work placements and support to move on. This year we have a staff team of 45 and will house 275 people.

One of our founding principles is to 'live our values' we believe that true independence means paying your own way. If we are helping people to move from a life of dependency and achieve their full potential, we must be able to prove that we can do it.

In just two years we replaced £1.5m of government.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

We are looking for someone to assist with writing social media posts and can write funding bids.

Skills Required:

  • Previous social media marketing experience is preferable
  • Excellent administrativem multi-tasking and organisational skills
  • Able to work remotely

Additional Benefits:

  • All volunteering hours count towards your Brunel Volunteers Award
  • Interested? Apply below:
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  • Have you come to study at Brunel from outside the EU
  • If you are an international student which visa do you hold?