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Wellbeing of Women - Website Designer

Details of the Charity:

Wellbeing of Women is a women’s health research charity. We invest in pioneering research in women’s health across the whole of the lifespan, including; fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, gynaecological cancers and wellbeing issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, incontinence and menopause.

 Our research helps find cures and develops new tests and treatments that will save and change the lives of women, girls and babies. In our 56 year history we have funded research that has led to many of the routine practices in our healthcare system today, from the use of ultrasound and fetal monitoring during pregnancy, to linking HPV and cervical cancer, resulting in an international vaccination programme.

 All of our research is selected through a rigorous peer review process led by an independent panel of experts in all areas of women’s health to ensure our funds drive the best possible impact and outcome for women.

 We use our platforms to raise awareness of women’s health issues and push for further investment in often invisible but devastating conditions that affect millions of women, girls and babies.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

We are looking for volunteer to design our Christmas Fair website on Squarespace.

 We need the website to be up and running by the beginning of November and have all the copy and images needed.

 We estimate that it will take around 10 hours and can be done from home. The volunteer will work with our Events Manager to build the pages and enter all the content.

Skills Required:

Knowledge of web design and Squarespace

Basic design skills

Additional Benefits:

Finished website for portfolio / CV

Reference from Wellbeing of Women
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