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YVHSC - Committee Member

Details of the Charity:

Your Voice in Health and Social Care (YVHSC) is an independent organisation that gives people a voice to improve and shape services and help them get the best out of health and social care provision.

YVHSC specialises in providing Health and Care services that offer effective engagement and involvement that impact community well-being and development. Using our expertise, we involve people in efficient and inclusive ways and maximise the impact of our engagement.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Your Voice in Health and Social Care (YVHSC) are looking for local residents interested in becoming part of their local Healthwatch Committee. We are looking for people with knowledge, experience and passion for promoting better health and social care for local people.

The committee represents an advisory body overseeing strategic direction and monitoring the progress of your local Healthwatch. You will be responsible for shaping the organisation's future and establishing the basis for building a large local membership from all communities in the borough.

Key tasks:

  • Oversee governance of your local Healthwatch, working with your fellow committee members and the committee chair (committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings)
  • Participate in other committees/groups where required
  • Contribute to the scrutiny of health and social care service providers in your local borough to ensure that patients, service users, carers, and the wider community are satisfied with the service they receive
  • Identify, approve and oversee a range of projects through to evaluation of impact and publishing of reports
  • To oversee the development of a comprehensive community strategy to ensure your local Healthwatch is reaching diverse communities
  • To be involved as the outward face of Healthwatch at Public Engagement events and conferences, demonstrate leadership and take an active role in public and membership engagement
  • Build and maintain good relationships with key stakeholders, including members of the public, patients, service users, carers, Healthwatch England, the Department of Health, Care Quality Commission, Monitor (Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts), NHS funded providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health & Wellbeing Boards, and local authorities

Skills Required:

  • Flexible schedule. Time commitment varies between 3-10 hours a month. Committee meetings vary but are roughly once every two months. There may be other events and meetings that you are requested to attend
  • Experience of the health and social care sector in Ealing. Medical students & practitioners, third sector workers, those with experience working with the Local Authority or CCG
  • Good at working as part of a collaborative team
  • Diligence and attention to detail; committee members are expected to prepare adequately for meetings they attend. Make sure they read through reports and other documents to highlight errors, problems and issues that can then be raised

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to our training hub which includes a variety of courses
  • Volunteering Hours go towards the Brunel Volunteers Awards

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