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Professor Sadka has over 20 years' worth of academic leadership and research expertise in the area of Visual Media Processing and Communications. He is the former Head of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Brunel University (Oct 06 - Jul 12) and the Founding Director of the Centre for Media Communications Research (CMCR). He is the Director of the "Brunel Science & Technology" Research Hub that comprises seven research centres with over £13M worth of live research income. He has over 200 publications in refereed journals and conferences, 3 patents and a flagship textbook entitled "Compressed Video Communications". He has managed to attract over £12M worth of research grants and contracts and has so far graduated nearly 30 PhD students. He frequently serves on influential advisory boards, evaluation panels and international committees. He provides consultancy services to international Law firms in the area of Video Compression and 2D/3D Visual Media Systems. He served as elected member on the Steering Board of New European Media initiative (NEM) technology platform (2011-14). He is widely supported by industry and has several enterpreneurial business engagements. He is a chartered engineer (CEng), Fellow of HEA, Fellow of IET and Senior Member of IEEE.


  • Director of "Brunel Digital Science & Technology Hub"
  • Head of Centre for Media Communications Research
  • ECE MEng coordinator

Newest selected publications

Sadka, AH., Swash, M. and Al Matrouk, B. (2018) 'Pa Innovative 3D Depth Map Generation From A Holoscopic 3D Image Based on Graph Cut Technique'. international journal on recent and innovation trends in computing and communication. ISSN: 2321-8169 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sadka, AH., Alfaqheri, T. and Nasri, S. (2018) '3D Holoscopic Imaging for Cultural Heritage Digitalisation'. International Journal on Recent and innovation trends in computing and communication, 6 (4). ISSN: 2321-8169 Open Access Link

Journal article

Muhammad, S. and Sadka, AH. (2016) 'Design and Evaluation of Novel Scalability Techniques for Adaptation over Heterogeneous Networks'. IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, 11 (05). pp. 15 - 27. ISSN: 2278-8735 Open Access Link

Journal article

Audu, A. and Sadka, AH. (2014) 'Disparity Map Generation Based on Trapezoidal Camera Architecture for Multiview Video'. The International Journal of Multimedia and Its Applications, 6 (6). ISSN: 0975-5578 Open Access Link

Journal article

Zhou, H., Fei, M., Sadka, A., Zhang, Y. and Li, X. (2014) 'Adaptive fusion of particle filtering and spatio-temporal motion energy for human tracking'. PATTERN RECOGNITION, 47 (11). pp. 3552 - 3567. ISSN: 0031-3203 Open Access Link

Journal article
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