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Dr Adrienn Tomor

Dr Adrienn Tomor
Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Howell 250

Research area(s)

  • Digital stone construction
  • Resilient infrastructure: new smart and sustainable masonry arch bridge construction (SmartArch)
  • Structural health monitoring of bridges
  • Fatigue deterioration and resilience of ageing masonry arch bridges
  • Laboratory, field and non-destructive testing

Research Interests

Digital Stone

  • Developing ‘Digital Stone’ as a cost-effective, sustainable and technologically advanced construction sector. Digital Stone will combine digital technology with the well-established benefits of masonry (low life-cycle costs, sustainability, resilience)
  • Introducing Digital Stone into mainstream construction for infrastructure and housing projects to reduce costs, speed up construction, improve sustainability and build quality
  • Developing integrated technology for digital masonry design, material production, digital manufacturing, automated site assembly and embedded sensor technology

Structural Health Monitoring

  • Through a €1M EU FP7 Infravation SMART project developed a cost-effective accelerometer-based system to measure the rate of deterioration in civil engineering structures
  • Monitoring and embedding sensors into structures
  • Probability assessment of critical infrastructure based on real life monitoring data.

Masonry deterioration

  • Small and large-scale testing of masonry (brick and stone) for deterioration under long-term live loading and environmental effects
  • Assessing the load capacity of masonry due to loss of performance and changing load regimes

Bridge inspection Courses

New stone arch bridge in Bristol 

  • Leading a project to build the first new stone arch bridge in the UK for the past 100 years (Bridge Valley Road project).
  • Put together bridge design, planning application and carried out the consultation process.
  • Planning permission was granted by Bristol City Council in 2017.