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Aine is a Research Fellow on Africa-UK trilateral research project GENS: Gender Mainstreaming for Energy Security in Poor Urban Environments. Her work focuses on understanding energy-related behaviours and needs of people living in informal urban settlements, facilitating co-design of gendered energy innovations and exploring commercialisation opportunities of newly developed gendered energy solutions. Aine works together with Dr Fabrizio Ceschin on the GENS co-design toolkit which aims to support stakeholders along the energy value chain co-designing energy innovations taking into account the different roles, responsibilities and needs of women and men.

Aine has worked on various research topics addressing sustainability challenges: implementation of product-service systems offerings; the potential of small-scale distributed manufacturing; behaviour interventions for mental wellbeing; social innovations for refugee inclusion; materials circularity for British fashion industry.

Aine is a member of Design for Sustainability research group.

Key publications:

Musango, J.K., Smit, S., Ceschin, F., Ambole, A., Batinge, B., Anditi, C., Petrulaityte, A., Mukama, M. (2020). Mainstreaming gender to achieve security of energy services in poor urban environments. Energy Research & Social Science, 1, 70.

Petrulaityte, A., Ceschin, F., Pei, E., Harrison, D. (2020). Applying Distributed Manufacturing to Product-Service System Design: A Set of Near-Future Scenarios and a Design Tool. Sustainability, 12, 4918.

Petrulaityte, A., Ceschin, F., Pei, E., Harrison, D. (2018). A Design Tool to Apply Distributed Manufacturing Principles to Sustainable Product-Service System Development. Design Research Society (DRS) 2018. Limerick, Ireland.

Petrulaityte, A., Ceschin, F., Pei, E., Harrison, D. (2017). Supporting sustainable product-service system implementation through distributed manufacturing. The 9th CIRP Industrial Product-Service System Conference: Circular Perspectives on Product/Service-Systems. Denmark. 


PhD in Design for Sustainability, Brunel University London. Thesis: Distributed Manufacturing Applied to Product-Service System: A Scenario-Based Design Toolkit

MSc in Integrated Product Design, Brunel University London.

BA in Product Design, Vilnius Academy of Arts.