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Dr Alaa Marshan

Dr Alaa Marshan
Lecturer (Academic Education) - Computer Science

Research area(s)

His research primarily focuses on intelligent data analysis, information management and improving operational business information systems. He has a specific interest in:

  • Applying Social Network Analysis (SNA), Data Mining (DM) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques in various research contexts (e.g. Financial Services and Healthcare) to support information inferencing and decision making
  • Developing new methods and models to analyse large transactional-based datasets, answering the subtle and nuanced questions that require a huge amount of data and novel methodologies to deal with
  • Enhancing human sensemaking within organisational settings for a better decision making using SNA and ML techniques
  • Exploring how ML and simulation techniques can be combined together for a better information inferencing
  • Big Data and its value for the society
  • The applications of Blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

Research grants and projects

Research Projects