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Dr Alan Reynolds
Honorary Reader - ETC

Bragg Building 015


Dr Alan Reynolds joined ETCbrunel in 1979, after working in the medical and healthcare industries. In the capacity of Deputy Director he acts as the Centre’s Quality Manager, responsible for accreditation and calibration to maintain the high standards of analysis.

Dr Reynolds is a consultant to industry worldwide on the application and interpretation of data from electron microscopy, light microscopy and X-ray microprobe techniques, with special reference to environmental pollution and asbestos identification and quantification. Dr Reynolds also lectures in the Institute for the Environment, School of Health Sciences and Social Care and the School of Engineering; and has given invited lectures for government, academia and industry.

Alan’s research projects are primarily concerned with the interactions of metal ions and cells and includes iron accumulation in the tissue of the Giant Panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca, copper accumulation in Wilson’s Disease and metal uptake in the terrestrial grass Agrostis tenuis and the aquatic reed Phragmites australis with applications in lead and copper mine remediation and pollution control in waterways. A new field of research is in the manufacture of metallic nanoparticles via low energy pathways using plant extracts.

Newest selected publications

Jouhara, H., Czajczyńska, D., Ghazal, H., Krzyżyńska, R., Anguilano, L., Reynolds, AJ. and et al. (2017) 'Municipal waste management systems for domestic use'. Energy, 139. pp. 485 - 506. ISSN: 0360-5442 Open Access Link

Journal article

López-Merino, L., Leroy, SAG., Haldorsen, S., Heun, M. and Reynolds, A. (2015) 'Can Triticum urartu be identified by pollen analysis? Implications for detecting the ancestor of the extinct domesticated two-grained einkorn-like wheat'. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 177 (2). pp. 278 - 289. ISSN: 1095-8339 Open Access Link

Journal article

Da Silva, A-C., Kershaw, S., Boulvain, F., Hubert, BLM., Mistiaen, B., Reynolds, A. and et al. (2014) 'Indigenous demosponge spicules in a Late Devonian stromatoporoid basal skeleton from the Frasnian of Belgium'. Lethaia, 47 (3). pp. 365 - 375. ISSN: 0024-1164 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sielicki, P., Janik, H., Guzman, A., Reynolds, A. and Namieśnik, J. (2011) 'Analysis of airborne metal containing particles with EDX/EDS detectors in electron microscopes'. Central European Journal of Chemistry, 9 (2). pp. 308 - 313. ISSN: 1895-1066

Journal article

Jones, BJ., Reynolds, AJ., Richardson, M. and Sears, VG. (2010) 'Nano-scale composition of commercial white powders for development of latent fingerprints on adhesives'. Science and Justice, 50 (3). pp. 150 - 155. ISSN: 1355-0306 Open Access Link

Journal article
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