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I am a cognitive/evolutionary anthropologist with a particular interest in computational science. The main question that drives my research is: is it possible to find some general factors determining why some cultural traits succeed and others do not? In the cultural arena things climb towards success in a haphazard manner, but some overall regularities may be discovered. I am interested in particular to contemporary cultural phenomena, and I use a naturalistic, quantitative, and evolutionary approach with different methodologies, especially individual-based models and quantitative analysis of large-scale data.

I recently wrote a book for Oxford University Press: Cultural evolution in the digital age.

Newest selected publications

Acerbi, A., Kerhoas, D., Webber, A., McCabe, G., Mittermeier, R. and Schwitzer, C. (2020) 'The impact of the “World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates” list on scientific publications and media'. Journal for Nature Conservation, 54. pp. 125794 - 125794. ISSN: 1617-1381 Open Access Link

Journal article

Acerbi, A. (2019) 'Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age'. Oxford University Press, USA. ISSN 10: 0198835949 ISSN 13: 9780198835943


Brand, CO., Acerbi, A. and Mesoudi, A. (2019) 'Cultural evolution of emotional expression in 50 years of song lyrics'. Evolutionary Human Sciences, 1 (e11). ISSN: 2513-843X Open Access Link

Journal article

Morin, O., Acerbi, A. and Sobchuk, O. (2019) 'Why people die in novels: testing the ordeal simulation hypothesis'. Palgrave Communications, 5 (1). ISSN: 2055-1045 Open Access Link

Journal article

Acerbi, A. (2019) 'Cognitive attraction and online misinformation'. Palgrave Communications, 5 (15). ISSN: 2055-1045 Open Access Link

Journal article
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