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Alessio is a Research Fellow on CircularMetal, one of the five interdisciplinary circular economy centres funded by UKRI through its Strategic Priorities fund. The CircularMetal initiative, coordinated by Brunel University London, seeks to make the UK the first country to fully recycle and reuse its metals. His work focuses on four key objectives:

  1. Develop scenarios and roadmaps of how Circular Business Models (CBMs) can enable a full metal circulation in the UK by 2050;
  2. Develop CBM archetypes for the metals industry;
  3. Develop, test and refine novel CBM design frameworks and tools for the metals industry;
  4. Develop novel Circular Supply Chain (CSC) design principles with supporting operational processes to facilitate the development of CBM archetypes.

Alessio works together with Dr Fabrizio Ceschin on the CircularMetal initiative. He is a member of the Design for Sustainability research group of Brunel University London.