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Dr Alexander Nowicky

Dr Alexander Nowicky
Senior Lecturer

Mary Seacole 3rd Floor-Bay 21



Senior Lecturer   and module leader in MSc Neurorehabilitation.

  • Bachelors Arts and Sciences (Chemistry), Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois USA.
  • PhD (Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience), Kent State University, Kent, Ohio USA.
  • PGCHE Post graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Middlesex University, Enfield, UK.


  • Research Ethics Officer, Division Physiotherapy, Dept Clinical Sciences

Newest selected publications

Kilbride, C., Scott, D., Butcher, T., Norris, M., Ryan, J., Anokye, N., et al. (2018) 'Rehabilitation via HOMe Based gaming exercise for the Upper-limb post Stroke (RHOMBUS): protocol of an intervention feasibility trial'. BMJ Open, 8 (11). pp. e026620 - e026620. ISSN: 2044-6055 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bigliassi, M., Karageorghis, CI., Bishop, DT., Nowicky, AV. and Wright, MJ. (2018) 'Cerebral effects of music during isometric exercise: An fMRI study'. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 133. pp. 131 - 139. ISSN: 1872-7697 Open Access Link

Journal article

Warland, A., Paraskevopoulos, I., Tsekleves, E., Ryan, J., Nowicky, A., Griscti, J., et al. (2018) 'The feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a low-cost, virtual-reality based, upper-limb stroke rehabilitation device: a mixed methods study'. Disability and Rehabilitation, 41 (18). pp. 1 - 16. ISSN: 0963-8288 Open Access Link

Journal article

Lampropoulou, SI., Billis, E., Gedikoglou, IA., Michailidou, C., Nowicky, AV., Skrinou, D., et al. (2018) 'Reliability, validity and minimal detectable change of the Mini-BESTest in Greek participants with chronic stroke'. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 35 (2). pp. 1 - 12. ISSN: 0959-3985 Open Access Link

Journal article

D'Innocenzo, G., Gonzalez, C., Nowicky, A., Williams, A. and Bishop, D. (2017) 'Motor resonance during action observation is gaze-contingent: A TMS study'. Neuropsychologia, 103 (July). pp. 77 - 86. ISSN: 0028-3932 Open Access Link

Journal article
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