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Mr Alireza Valizadeh

Mr Alireza Valizadeh
PhD Student


Bonding Aluminium to steel, using low cost casting process

Bonding between steel and aluminium is an attractive subject for design engineers because it allows localised strengthening and stiffening of aluminium components. Moreover, it can lead to an increase in the strength-to-weight ratio. So far different bonding processes have been used to make this bond. This research considers casting as an economical route for this bonding process.

The aims of this research project are to address the technical issues in the production of sound bond by coating method in order to develop an economical joining technology for application in railway, naval, constructions, aerospace and automotive industry.

The aims will be achieved by the following objectives:

  • To study the phases formed during the bonding of steel with molten aluminium as a function of cooling rate, surface coating of steel substrate and the chemical composition of molten aluminium. The bond will be characterised using a combination of OM, SEM/EDS, EBSD, XRD, TEM and mechanical testing to study the microstructure of the bond and its properties. Moreover, the wettability of molten elemental and pre-alloyed aluminium on steel surface will be studied.

  • This will enhance the fundamental understanding of the following aspects:

  • Wettability behaviour between solid steel and liquid aluminium.
  • Evolution of the phases accrued during the bonding between steel and aluminium by coating process.
  • Mechanical bond between aluminium and steel.
  • Diffusion behaviour in the formation of intermetallic layer at the interface between steel and aluminium.
  • This knowledge will enable the formation of a sound metallurgical bond between aluminium and steel manufactured by low cost casting process.