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Dr Alistair John

Dr Alistair John
Lecturer in Sport Sciences


Dr Alistair John was awarded his Ph.D. from Victoria University, Australia after undertaking a B.Ph.Ed. (hons), B.A. (geography) and M.Ph.Ed. at the University of Otago, New Zealand.  Alistair’s research focuses on neoliberal ‘spaces’ of sport – examining the sportscape and how these sites reflect/reproduce neoliberal ideologies. In addition, Alistair has analysed the use of nationalism within advertising campaigns associated with sports events. Alistair peer reviews for the International Review for the Sociology of Sport and has presented at a number of national and international conferences. Alistair is a member of staff in the Division of Sport, Health and Exercise SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences and a member of the Welfare, Health and Well-being themeInstitute of the Environment, Health and Societies


Alistair is the Co-director of Undergraduate Studies for Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences.

Alistair teaches across a range of study blocks, with a social sciences focus, including SP1703 - Introduction to the Social Sciences of Sport and, SP2707 - Delivery of Sports Development. Alistair also leads the Level 6 SHES Synoptic assessment as well as the Level 6 Sports Development synoptic assessment.

Newest selected publications

John, A. and McDonald, B. (2019) 'How elite sport helps to foster and maintain a neoliberal culture: The ‘branding’ of Melbourne, Australia.'. Urban Studies, 57 (6). pp. 1184 - 1200. ISSN: 0042-0980 Open Access Link

Journal article

Mansfield, L., Kay, T., Meads, C., Grigsby Duffy, L., Lane, J., John, A., et al. (2018) 'Sport and dance interventions for healthy young people (15-24 years) to promote subjective wellbeing: A systematic review'. British Medical Journal Open, 8 (7). pp. e020959 - e020959. ISSN: 2044-6055 Open Access Link

Journal article

Kennedy, E., Hills, L. and John, A. (2017) 'Wimbledon: A MegaMediaSport Tradition', in Wenner, L. and Billings, A. (eds.) Sport, Media and Mega-Events. Routledge. pp. 130 - 141. ISBN 13: 9781138930384.

Book chapter

John, A. (2016) ''Ultimate Sports City of the Decade': The role of sport in re-regulating neoliberal Melbourne, Australia'.2017 World Congress of Sociology of Sport. Taiwan. 22 - 2 June.Open Access Link

Conference paper

John, A. (2016) 'Sport: The neoliberal ‘cultural glue’ of Melbourne, Australia'.Sport: Spaces, Places, Money and Politics - The Sport Project: Probing the Boundaries: 5th Global Meeting. Oxford, UK. 15 - 15 September.Open Access Link

Conference paper
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