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Dr Ana Canhoto
Reader - Marketing

Research area(s)

My research focuses on the use of digital technology in interactions between firms and their customers. 

One stream of work looks at the use of digital technology on customer insight, such as digital footprints or social media profiling.

The other stream looks at the impact of technology on targeted interactions, such as the popularisation of algorithmic decision making in customer interactions, or the potential of wearables and beacons for personalisation.

I am particularly interested in how technology and society shape each other, sometimes helping and creating opportunities but, at other times, creating constraints and exclusion.

Research group(s)

Research Interests

Work in progress and under review include:

  • Algorithmic decision making
  • Contextual technology
  • Development and analysis of digital footprints
  • Generation tagged
  • Online targeting

Research grants and projects

Research Projects