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Mr Babak HosseinNezhad Rahi

Mr Babak HosseinNezhad Rahi
HPD - Electronic & Comp. Engineering


Passionate, driven and experienced computer engineer with a master’s degree in Computer Communication Networks. Always looking for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and gain practical experience. With a real-life background in sales, networking and B2B customer service. With a strong foundation in various programming languages and video analysis with the direction of Gait Human Recognition and re-identification using deep learning. I am also advanced in Image processing and pattern recognition using different programming languages and frameworks including Python with TensorFlow, MATLAB with MatConvNet and C++ with OpenCV.


Babak Rahi, BSc(Hons), MsC  is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Brunel University London. He received his Masters in Computer Communication Networks in 2016 from the same university. He worked in the industry for more than Five Years before starting his PhD in 2017. His research interests are Computer Vision, Human Re-Identification using Gait recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and recently Capsule Networks.