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Dr Christian Stiegler

Dr Christian Stiegler
Senior Lecturer

Gaskell Building 174


"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads" (Back to the Future, Part II)

Dr Stiegler’s work is at the forefront of research into humanities and social sciences approaches to immersive media and creative industries, and he has established himself as a leading figure in this field. Over the last few years he has developed an internationally recognised profile and has been invited as keynote speaker and panel guest on virtual reality (VR) storytelling to such major industry events such as Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin, International Film Festival Rotterdam, C21 Content Summit London, MIPTV and MIPCOM Cannes. In his research he investigates immersion as a sociocultural phenomenon and a defining element for the understanding of postmodern media culture. His approach understands immersive technologies as the culmination of a long history of immersive environments, which allow to re-examine a range of mediated practices in our lives through the particular interpretive lens of immersion. Dr Stiegler’s work has led to an editorship of a major journal collection on this topic, in which his feature article, ‘The Politics of Immersive Storytelling: Virtual Reality and the Logics of Digital Ecosystems’, extended the concept of social media logic to analyse immersive storytelling, in a way that provides a clear direction for future approaches to this media form. This work, along with the other articles in the collection that he edited, were an attempt to wrest the debate on immersive media from an overtly technological perspective, towards a social sciences approach that emphasises the human implications of this new media. He is as well the lead researcher and founder of Brunel University’s 'Immersive Hub: Humanities and Social Sciences Perspectives on Immersive Media' and ‘Presence/Immersion’ research networks, which led to a major exhibition of new VR work, followed by an academic conference, at Brunel in May 2017. His collaborative work with different artists to investigate the creative potential of immersive experiences within the performing arts has led to several productions in that field. His findings will be published in the forthcoming MIT monograph The 360° Gaze: Immersions in Media, Society and Culture (MIT Press, 2019).

Dr Stiegler’s work in the areas of media and creative industries has resulted in several key interventions in the study of cultural practices such as binge watching and selfies. His works on The Netflix Effect (Bloomsbury, 2016) and New Media Culture (Transcript, 2015) have made a major intervention into the field, and charted a path for a series of social sciences approaches in future. Upcoming projects focus on selfhood and body perception within Facebook's VR platform 'Facebook Spaces' and the expansion of digital ecosystems.

After finishing his PhD in Theatre, Film and Media Studies and German Literature (University of Vienna, Austria and University of Cambridge, UK) he has been Professor of Media Management, Consumer Culture and New Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. He developed a UG programme in International Media Management, which was awarded with a Premium Seal of Excellence after its successful accreditation. He has been academic lead of the MA New Media and Co-lead of the PhD cluster Performing Media: Media Hybridity. Dr Stiegler is deeply committed to supervising and mentoring students across all levels, interdisciplinarity in teaching and research, and relating theory to practice. He has worked as a multi- and transmedia journalist and producer in television, radio, print and online for ORF, BBC, ZDF, 3Sat and Die Presse. His work has also led to consultancy with leading international broadcasters, such as ARTE, BBC, ZDF, ORF, Time Warner, among others.

Newest selected publications

Stiegler, C. (2017) 'E-Politics of Immersion: Immersive Storytelling in Digital Ecosystems (Special Issue)'. International Journal of E-Politics, 3 (4).

Journal article

Stiegler, C. (2017) 'The Politics of Immersive Storytelling: Virtual Reality and the Logics of Digital Ecosystems'. International Journal of E-Politics, 3 (4). pp. 3 - 19.

Journal article

Stiegler, C. (2017) 'Down the Rabbit Hole: Editorial Preface'. International Journal of E-Politics, 3 (4). pp. 1 - 2.

Journal article

Stiegler, C. (2016) 'Invading Europe. Netflix’s expansion to the European market on the example of Germany and Austria.', in McDonald, K. (ed.) The Netflix Effect. Technology and Entertainment in the 21st Century. New York : Bloomsbury. pp. 120 - 134.

Book chapter

Stiegler, C. (2015) 'New Media Culture'. Bielefeld: transcript. ISSN 13: 978-3837629071

More publications(12)